Glennon Fish Farms, Inc.  malone lake fish hatchery

Let Us Supply Your Demand.

Whether you own a fish day company, a pond and lake management firm or are a commercial grower, we will do our very best to meet your needs. Our trained staff does more than grow and sell fish. They go the extra mile to service your needs ensuring a consistent supply of quality fish materials for your business.

Don't bet your business on a fish broker, come directly to the source for the best quality, service and price.

Our process beings with communication and collaboration. Contact us to get started on the path to success.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

There’s nothing more important than your business's supply if fish, so we tackle every shipment like it was our own. This commitment to excellence has resulted in a list of very loyal and satisfied distributors. We’d love to add your name to it.

Wholesale Dealers

Our modern facilities include over 1600 acres of earthen ponds, 3 hatcheries, 3 live fish holding facilities with a 2 ton overhead crane, water treatment facilities processing one million gallons of water per day, ploidy analysis laboratory with 4 functioning coulter counters, 36 wells with over 12 miles of underground pipelines and hundreds of miles of levee. Our production process is governed by the seasons and the weather. We strive to produce the sizes and species of fish that you need.
Our farm operates under biosecurity measures and has been tested bi-annually using APHIS approved methods since 2003. VHS, LMBV, IPN, SVCV, KHV, and IHN have never been found on our farm.
We employ a full time seine crew of 7 men which harvests fish 5 days a week using 1000 foot nets. We don’t seine fish on speculation, we tailor our harvest to meet the immediate needs of our distributors to ensure a fresh supply of quality live fish.  The harvest phase happens like this:
  • Orders for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday shipments are taken the previous Wednesday. Orders for Thursday and Friday shipments are taken on Monday.
  • Orders are batched and fish are harvested.
  • Harvested fish are treated for parasites and stress and purged in the holding facility.
  • Fish are graded 2 days after harvest and sold no less than 3 days after harvest.
Our modern live fish holding facilities allow us to accommodate multiple hauling trucks at once. A trained staff of managers orchestrates and supervises up to 12 men each morning to ensure your fish are loaded in an efficient and timely manner.
The service phase happens like this:
  • Every afternoon sales orders are printed for the next days shipments.
  • ​Sales orders are converted to load charts indicated which vat the fish are to be loaded from and the weight count of each group of fish to be loaded.
  • ​Prior to loading a manager will review the sales order with you and make any necessary adjustments.