A Superior Sunfish...

Specklebelly Sunfish

          Hybrid bream are ideal for small fishing ponds due to their skewed sex ratio, 80 to 90% males, which results in reduced spawning, prevents overcrowding and produces bigger fish. However, most of the hybrid bream sold today eventually produce a successful generation of inferior offspring resembling green sunfish requiring the pond to be drained and started over. Traditionally hybrid bream are also not to be stocked in bass/bluegill ponds because they will interbreed with the bluegill producing a generation of inferior offspring.

     For these reasons, J.M. Malone and Son, Inc. is pleased to offer Southern Specklebelly Bream, a superior sunfish for stocking private ponds and lakes. Southern Specklebelly are an improved hybrid bream that does not use the green sunfish cross that most hybrid bream available today do. Populations of Southern Specklebelly are 95 to 100% males, readily take fish food, grow to large sizes and are easy to catch.

     Furthermore, if a Southern Specklebelly does successfully reproduce with another of its kind or a bluegill, the offspring will not resemble green sunfish in appearance or biology. Southern Specklebelly may be stocked in any fishing pond regardless of what other kinds of bream or sunfish are in it. They are also a fun and safe addition to Bass Ponds and Fishing Ponds at 100 to 200 fish per acre, especially if the pond has a fish feeder.

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