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Maintaining bait fish in established ponds can be difficult. Stocking forage fish in the spring and fall can improve fish growth 
Fathead Minnows

Golden Shiners,Tilapia,

Crawfish, Trout

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Texas Hunter Feeders

Simply the most reliable feeder we have found. Available in 100 and 250 pounds capacity with optional solar panels.

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Texas Hunter!

The Difference Between Fishing and Fetching...

Just because your fish will eat dog food, doesn't mean you should feed it to them.

Planktonic algae form the base of the food chain in a pond and shade out nuisance vegetation. Fertilizer increases algae growth just like garden fertilizer stimulates plant growth.

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Fish Feed

A feeding program with proper feeds can more than double fish growth and size. There are three leading brands of fish feed available to pond owners:

Triton Feeds from Cargill

Aquamax from Purina

Optimal Fish Feeds